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Why should I get a Boxlane?


Last mile delivery costs represent up to 47% of the total shipping costs.


Boxlane's large capacity and it's cost savings, make it the perfect delivery solution to help you be more efficient


while having a lower environmental impact, contributing to cleaner cities.

¡Get better!

Great benefits

  • Save fuel

    50km range and just 6 hours for a full battery recharge.

  • Save time

    Ride across the city in a more efficient way, while optimizing your deliveries

  • Optimize your routes

    With a 900L capacity, you'll reduce your inefficient trips.

  • Improve your P&L

    Boxlane will help you cut 35% on your cost per unit delivered.

  • No more unnecessary fines

    You can park in loading and unloading areas and also on wide sidewalks. You'll be able to park closer to the delivery point.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Reduce the emissions of your vehicles and contribute to having cleaner cities

All equipment and its


  • GPS and Control Panel

  • "Bunker Block" Security Lock

  • Protected wheels

  • Magnetic charging connector

  • Front Light

  • Reverse gear with acoustic warning

  • Front and rear brakes with light

  • Parking brake. 160 mm Disc Brake

Product Specs

Technical Data

  • Long


    50 km of range on one charge. Full battery recharge in 5 hours.

  • Large


    Load capacity up to 300 kg

  • Maximum


    20 km/h

  • Low

    daily cost

    0,8 cts Eur per 100 kms!

Declared power
Maximum Speed
20 km/h
Nominal voltage
Battery amperage
30 A - 1.5 Kwh
Battery range
50 km
Technically permissible maximum laden mass
480 Kg
Tare weight
108 Kgg
1810 mm (L) x 860 mm (W) x 1630 mm (H)

Can be increased up to 750W upon request

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